Moreau Construction Company


Derek Moreau, owner of Moreau Construction Company, LLC, graduated from Louisiana State University in May of 2005 with a bachelor's degree in Construction Management.  He initially began his business by consulting a well known contractor, Benny Teer, who had 50 years of experience in building piers on False River. 


Not only is Derek a Licensed Residential Contractor, Derek holds licensing's for the following Commercial Contractor, Industrial Contractor, Highway, Streets, and Bridges, Herbicide and Commercial Applicator, Public Works Licensing.   Derek Moreau is also Bonded and Insured. 

The majority of Derek's work also includes Federal Contracts for the Corps of Engineers.  These contracts contain on average about 30 thousand acres to be cut and maintained year round.  He has also done major repairs to several structures for the Corps of Engineers such as Timber Needle Installation at the Over Bank Structure located at 3 Rivers, Morganza Spillway, Hydro Electric Power Plant, custom built and replaced over 3 miles of galvanized safety rails at Old River Locks.


Derek was also directly involved with the Great Mississippi Flood of 2011, that took place  in Morganza, Louisiana.  Derek worked around the clock with crews protecting and making sure the structure would maintain since it had only been opened one time in the history of being built. 

A combination of Mr. Teer's support and Derek's previous knowledge allowed him to launch his business in a matter of two years.  By providing loyalty service to consumers, he was able to gain respect from his clients as well as his employees.  

Our structures are built from quality products and with superior service.  Each construction site maintains approximately 3-6 employees, depending on the job, who have been specially educated on the construction of each structure.  While some standard regulations are enforced, our company strives for the best quality of every finished product.  We also make practical and informed recommendations on the construction of our products, such as elevating the boat lift an extra 3 feet to avoid the consequences of rising waters or installing railings or a handicap ramp for families with children or elderly.  As a licensed and insured company, consumers can feel confident with our business.



General Manager,COO

Chasity neal olinde

If you have ever called Moreau Construction chances are 9 times out of 10 you've spoken to Chasity.  Chasity has been with Moreau Construction for nearly a decade.  She is the operations chief manager and coordinates all schedules.  She is also a Notary and notarizes from Family Financial Center, located in front of Moreau Construction's office.

Human Resources

Jennifer s Moreau

Not only is Jennifer assistant to Chasity. She also is in charge of Human Resources and all internet based marketing material and site manager.  She and Derek married in April of 2016.  You might see her around the job sites from time to time taking photos and checking on the crews.  



austin fuselier

This bright up and coming young man is majoring in Construction Management at LSU currently.  He has been part of Jennifer and Derek's life for the past 5 years.  Austin is on all major construction sites working along side Derek.   Austin provides  crews with direct supervision and insight on a daily basis. 


Ground Maintenance Supervising Manager

Mr. Eric Moreau

If you have had the privilege of meeting Mr. Eric you know all to well where Derek gets his comical disposition from. Not only is he Derek's father he is the Supervising Manager of all Federal Contracts. Which contain about 30,000 acres per year in grass cutting and maintenance.


 Family Financial Center


Rhonda manages Family Financial Center.  Here she provides payday loans, western union money transfers, western union money orders, check cashing, bill pay which includes companies such as Entergry and AT&T.  Family Financial Center also buys gold, silver, and gift cards.

Located at : La Nouvelle Plaza

1160 Hospital Rd, New Roads, LA 70760